Saying Goodbye

CC_SGoodbyeSaying goodbye to someone who has died, regardless of age can often be difficult and bewildering. As a funeral celebrant, I’m a confidante, a keen listener, a writer of life stories, a counsellor and really the guide who, with sensitivity and care, leads you through the ceremony planning and delivery on the day.

As a writer and story teller, I also provide a planning service and a structure (called a Journey Remembered) that help you recall and record the important and memorable moments in life. In listening to peoples’ life stories, I become the keeper and carrier of their dreams and memories, the one who then converts them to written form.

Like birth, death keeps its own time, whether we are ready or not. None of us ever know when our time is up and just spending some time remembering and reviewing and recording all that has happened can be a rich, rewarding and freeing experience

For those who know their end time is approaching through illness or age, the process of writing takes on a more profound dimension. When we do leave, what legacy or footprint will we leave for the generations to come? How will they know what gave our life meaning? What formative factors shaped our world view? What did we value, what did we delight in and how do we want to be remembered?

The Journey Remembered process allows for discussion, review and documentation, so vital in the creation of a fitting end-of-life record or ritual, one that has been uniquely crafted for you and expressive of your wishes.

This extensive, yet richly rewarding process also provides documented procedural guidelines for the Executor of your Estate and other nominated persons.

Whilst not a legal document, this valuable booklet, presented in triplicate, becomes a companion to the Will.