Saying Hello

Naming CeremonyNaming ceremonies are a great way to bring family and friends together to officially give your new, and precious bundle a name and a welcome to your world.

A Naming Ceremony is a bit like bestowing a mini knighthood or a damehood! Whilst it’s obviously not the same, it has the same importance to you, your family and friends.

A Naming Ceremony sets aside a special date and time for you all to celebrate the joy of your baby’s arrival and to express the love, hopes, dreams and support that surround this new life. It’s about marking your child’s safe arrival and the giving of their name and place in the world as special.

There are so many worldwide traditions in choosing a name and there are so many wonderful and creative ways to celebrate a Naming Ceremony.

“And so we bring along with earthly blessings, a store of wishes for your Naming Day.” Anon