Saying I Do

CC_SayingIDoThere’s something really profound in a couple publicly declaring their love. Their “I Do” moment, their “Yes” to life together, whether it’s declared through a Wedding Ceremony or a Same Love Ceremony or a Renewal of their Vows, it is an intimate, deeply moving and happy occasion.


Congratulations on your decision to marry! There’s so much to think about and to discuss, to dream and to plan. And whilst the look and feel of your wedding day is important (the dress and the flowers and the reception venue etc), the real heart of your day is your marriage ceremony with the exchange of your vows to each other, the most special moment.

A meaningful marriage ceremony needs careful planning so that it accurately reflects your personalities and your relationship. As a trusted advisor, I can help you through the wonderful maze of possibilities that a civil ceremony offers.

From our first meeting, through to the follow up contact after you return home from your honeymoon, I offer you a detailed resource booklet full of ideas and suggestions and regular contact so that I get to know what you like, and a unique ceremony created just for you. Of course this comes with attendance on the big day, complete with a high-quality PA system and cordless microphone, and the lodging of required legal documents with the registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages in your state.

I closely work with you to fine tune this very special part of your day, so that it becomes such a pleasant, important and memorable part of your marriage festivities, not just for you, but for all who attend!

Commitment Ceremonies

This important milestone; the public declaration of your love and commitment to each other deserves a ceremony that really reflects you both. In a civil ceremony, you have that freedom and are able to design and plan the essence of your special day; your vows to each other as partners for life.

Saying “I Do” again! Renewing Your Vows

By setting aside a special time and space to publicly “I do again”, we are acknowledging the goodness in what has been and a willingness to continue the vows made years before.

Renewing your vows can be a wonderful time to celebrate and reaffirm your abiding love with your children and with friends and family.


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